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TLG Productions Inc.
TLG Productions Inc. is in the business of supplying the best topographical lake maps for Texas fishermen and we have the knowledge and contacts to make your fishing trips as productive as possible.

These are not fold out tourist maps.  Each TLG Lake map is researched and marked by local guides to show you their prime spots.  Stop wasting your time in non-productive waters. Area roads, marinas and local guide information is included.

TLG Productions, "Texas Lake Guide", was founded in 1987 by Mike and David Fields, both of Garland, TX.  A fishing trip started it all in February of that year.  A mutual friend drew a "honey hole" map on a napkin for us and led us to a great fishing spot.  He lives on Lake Fork and, being a part time guide, gave us his favorite fishing area.  Between bass catches, Mike and David looked at each other and said "Wouldn't it be great to be able to show other bass fishermen where to fish!"  An idea was born and the result was an atlas of maps bound so that fishermen could effectively use the map while actually fishing.

After a test run of 1,000 books were introduced two years later to the local marinas and dealers around Lake Fork, Mike and David knew they had a winner of an idea.  Those 1,000 map books were gone in two weeks!  Two years of research paid off and 10,000 more were printed.  Those sold out too!  David and Mike then started producing lake map books of other big bass lakes in Texas; Sam Rayburn, Richland Chambers, Ray Roberts, The Tri-Lakes in East Texas and Possum Kingdom were all added to the line-up.

What is a Texas Lake Guide Fishing Map book?  It's a reference work of the lake, USGS maps form the actual map segments with added information, including local marinas, guide info., roads, phone numbers and finally, where you should be fishing!  The prominent red circles pin-point where large bass have been caught.  A new feature provides a month-to-month fishing pattern to also help the bass fisherman's success.  A road map is also there for those visiting from out of town.  New techniques for catching bass and other updates are constantly being added as new editions are printed.  Developments around the area are also updated, especially at Lake Fork where luxury accommodations are being added and even a new championship golf course has been built.  Every effort has been made to make a trip to the lake more enjoyable for you, the sportsman.

Our sixth printing of Lake Fork is now available.

Mike and David Fields



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